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5 Steps to Magnetic Networking in LIVE Events


The 5 Steps to MLM Magnetic Networking.

Have you ever networked live in a meeting or an event for your home business?

What did you say about your direct sales business?

What questions do you ask the prospect when networking for your network marketing home based business?

There are 5 steps that we have found that works amazing in a live event. Below are some opening questions and then a breakdown of the Magnetic Networking process.

The Networking Approach:

1) “I am a professional in the community like you and I am introducing myself to..”

2) “I love networking with other professionals like yourself over a cup of coffee or tea.“

4) “I run across people all the time with certain needs in their life.”

5) “Maybe there is a way we could help each other.“

6) “Would you be open to some coffee sometime as I would love to get some of your cards – we may be some business synergy.”

Lets take a look at the  5 steps:

1)   “I am a professional in the Community.”

This states an important fact:

You are one of them.

And this will create the start of a CONNECTION right off the bat, and also establish who you are to the Cold prospect, from one professional to another. Network Marketing is a profession, and you need to start treating it like one.

2)   “I am introducing myself.”

This sets up an important paradigm. You are taking the initiative to introduce and meet people in the community, and you are a take charge type of person. And it shows you really want to meet folks, as well it shows Leadership.

3)   “I love networking with other professionals.”

This states one thing: You value other professionals as a resource. And you also show that you appreciate the fact that networking does work in the business world And also that as a resource, a professional has value to you and your Network Marketing business, and vice versa.

4)   “Maybe there is a way we could help each other.”

This establishes that you are willing to Increase and Improve your prospects business and life. And also you do care about helping people, plus you are showing Potential value right upfront.

5)   “Would you be open for coffee sometime?”

This is the proactive part of it, and it simply gives them a chance to engage the budding relationship, or not. Most professionals do have an interest in increasing their business, so you will get some interest, and some time with many of them.

But if they say they are not interested?

Be a professional, and thank them for their time and wish them well. And see if you can get a card for a thank you note to send them.

“May I at least have a card in case I run across someone who would want your services?”

These are the 5 Steps to Magnetic Networking for our mlm network marketing home business.

blessings… doug firebaugh

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Doug is an author, speaker and entrepreneur with over 25 years in the home business industry. He communicates with impact and is well known as a catalyst for breakthrough in business, mindset, leadership and success. He has a wide variety of training resources including social media, mobile media and traditional home business building specifically equipping people for prospecting, recruiting, and personal & organizational development.

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