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How To Get More Raving Facebook Fans

7 Ways To Get More People To Pay Attention To Your Facebook Page


You’ve spent time to create this wonderful Facebook page, you’ve got some pretty decent content and there are people who have liked you. And then what?


Nobody is engaging your page and you are wondering if anyone is even seeing what you are posting? And the answer is probably not.

Facebook has a formula called Edgerank for figuring out how much of what you post gets seen by the people who have liked you.


I was when I first heard about it. I just figured that everybody got everything I posted, but that is not the case. Edgerank is determined by 3 factors, Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay. Affinity is how connected the person is who has liked your page. So have they liked any of your posts, have they commented, tagged or shared a post before. Weight is determined by the type of post you make. Text only, questions, video or photo. Time Decay is just how it sounds. How long has that post been there.

Edgerank is determined by 3 factors: Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay.So how do you check your Edgerank? There is a free tool at where you can get a basic ranking on your page. Any score over 20 is considered excellent. It works best when you have at least 100 likes on your page. Under that the score won’t be as accurate.

It doesn’t matter if you score is 0 or 100 everyone needs to increase their Edgerank. In fact it is vital to your business that you do. Interaction is the Key. Social media is about relationships, and out of those interactions that you have comes business. So no relationship, no business.

So what are some ways to increase your interaction and your Edgerank?

  1. Post once to twice a day and make your post interesting. Something that your fans will benefit from.
  2. If someone leaves you a comment, respond back. Remember it is all about relationship, relationship, It doesn’t matter if you score is 0 or 100 everyone needs to increase their Edgerank.
  3. 90% of your posts should include a photo. Photo’s automatically get viewed by more people.
  4. Change your cover image regularly. Get creative. Make then stunning, but remember to follow Facebook’s rules which include no web addresses, no “like this”, no call to actions such as “get it now” or “tell your friends”, and no prices or purchase info.
  5. Ask questions. Have call to actions. Ask then to respond to what you have posted.
  6. Hold contests.
  7. Do fan shout outs, let them know that you appreciate them.

So there you go. 7 ways to make your Facebook page come alive and interactive.

To your success,

Kim Thompson-Pinder

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Kim has many years experience in the MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales business. Her specialties are building in a local market and educating/equipping business owners for success. Check out Kim’s Free 7 Day Email Course Exploding Your Business Online.



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    In our social media age you need to make sure that you have a social media plan to help you acheive your goals and dreams.

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