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Success Gem – Being Super Social



There is a reason why Social Media has the word SOCIAL as the first word.

It is ALL ABOUT being SOCIAL and connecting with people, as well as constructing NEW relationships.

Here are 3 things you need to do to be SUPER SOCIAL:

1. Encourage every chance you get.

2. Elevate the person by reposting or retweeting something they did

3. Educate people constantly to better their life.

With your business skills and the benefits of your products. DO NOT SELL. Just educate how much better a person’s life could be with working with YOU.

If you become more Social in social networking, then you will find people being PULLED towards you effortlessly.

Encourage, Elevate, and Educate.

THAT is what building a business using social media is all about.


doug firebaugh

Doug is an author, speaker and entrepreneur with over 25 years in the home business industry. He communicates with impact and is well known as a catalyst for breakthrough in business, mindset, leadership and success. He has a wide variety of training resources including social media, mobile media and traditional home business building specifically equipping people for prospecting, recruiting, and personal & organizational development.

doug firebaugh


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doug firebaugh

doug firebaugh
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Knowledge is what you know. Wisdom is knowing what to do with what you know. ~Doug Firebaugh

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