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Economic Freedom Contest – Spread the Word and Win!

Take 15 Minutes To Help Spread The Word About Our FREE Home Business Training & Win Over $25,000 in Prizes…

(Including Personal Phone Coaching Sessions with Some of Our Super Star Show Hosts!) 

STEP-BY-STEP Directions Below!

It’s Super Easy… All You Have To Do Is Sign Up & Spread Your Contest Link Online!

Economic Freedom Contest Our Goals for this contest are simple:

1. To Empower You for Economic Freedom With Free Home Business Success Trainings & Prizes.

2. To Help Us Go Viral with the Home Business Radio Network and Reach More People with the Message of Economic Freedom!

So You Win & We All Win!

First of all CONGRATULATIONS on joining the Home Business Radio Network’s FREE Training. You’re about to learn some amazing things about how to Achieve Economic Freedom through Your Home Business Venture FAST.

Our Radio Network features Industry Power House Show Hosts with a wealth of  wisdom, experience, and tactics that will Elevate and Accelerate Your Home Business Success. Through our Radio Network, we’re going to reveal EXACTLY how we’ve done it.

Here’s the deal, we want this to become the BIGGEST and most ACTIVE Economic Freedom Building community on the Internet. The bigger our community, the better it is for YOU.

You’ll network faster, you’ll build faster – YOUR SUCCESS WILL BUILD FASTER

So, to get you to help us spread the word about our FREE training,  we’re willing to flat out BRIBE you!  Not only will you have a ton of fun, spread the word, build a BIG community to network with – but also you’ll win some AWESOME prizes along the way!

Help Us Build The HBRN Community & Win $25,000 In Cool Prizes!

Pure and Simple. This is mostly about us all participating and having some FUN. You don’t just get points for “spreading the word” – you’ll get points just for PARTICIPATING and taking ACTION on the HBRN trainings.

That’s the biggest difference here. It’s not enough (for us) that you just “listen” to the training, we need YOU out there DOING stuff.

So, again, we’ll just BRIBE you to do it with COOL prizes. Because we KNOW when you start doing it, you’re going to see fast results in your own business…

We Are Giving Away Over 60 Prizes All Summer Long! Here Are Some of The Daily Drawings We’ll Be Giving Away! Many More Prizes To Be Announced!

Prize Description
HBRN Tshirt - Positive Powered Success MULTIPLE GIVAWAYS! Limited Edition HBRN Tshirts – POSTITIVE POWERED SUCCESS – We’re giving away tshirts every week.Click for Details
Sponsoring Tsunami Webinar MULTIPLE GIVAWAYS! Sponsoring Tsunami Online Video Training SeriesOver 50 Sizzling Summer Sponsoring and Recruiting Tips for Home Business Marketers. Great Summer Season Specific ways for Direct Sales, Network Marketing and MLM Entreprenuers by Doug Firebaugh.Click for Details
julie anne jones Get Organized and Take Back Your Life! By Direct Selling Diva Julie Anne Jones $197.00 ValueA Complete Organizational System for Direct Sales Professionals.

Organization doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the more simple the system, the more likely you’ll actually be to complete it.


Facebook Marketing For Business MULTIPLE GIVAWAYS! Facebook Marketing For Business Ebook
Crafting Your Story – One Hour Long Coaching Consultation with Diane Hochman $500 Value
Little Black Book of Scripts by Todd Falcone $197 Value
WTPowers Membership – Three Free Months from Tracy Monteforte $120.00 Value Details
MULTIPLE GIVAWAYS! Press Release Recruiting Video Training Series by Doug FirebaughSpecific Strategies for how to write effective press releases for all aspects of home business recruiting. Tap into this 50 Million Person Prospecting Pool. $297.00 Value
Pinterest Recruiting MULTIPLE GIVAWAYS!Pinterest Recruiting– 3 Hour Webinar featuring Tar’Lese Rideaux and Doug FirebaughLearn How To Drive loads of Traffic to your business pages and then Captivate, Connect, and Convert them with Pinterest. $197 Value
MULTIPLE GIVAWAYS!100 FREE Fresh Hot LEADS – Plus a Leads Script with What to Say and How to Say it! $1000 Value
Free Inner Circle Addmission to Tracy Monteforte’s Dialing For Dollars Workshop Webinar Intensive – Webinar Training Series with Tracy Monteforte $597 Value

Here Are The 3 Ways We’ll Pick Winners… Some Are Daily!

1. Random Daily Drawings

Just Picking Random People Who Have Joined The Contest

2. Movers and Shakers Of The Week Award

Not Necessarily The Most Points But The Most Impressive Content Providers (Videos, Call-ins, Photos, Twitter Tips, Etc.)!

3. Top 3 Total Points

The Top 3 Contenders will receive a HUGE Suite of Highly Valuable Home Business Training Tools and Each will receive a Minimum of 3 Hours of Personal Coaching from 3 of Our Show Hosts

Listen – to win a prize, you don’t have to do much work at all. It’s NOT all about who has the “most” points. You can just have ONE point and still have a chance to win!

Heck, if all you do is “like” our Facebook page – you’ll get 200 points alone. So, it’s easy to win…

OK, What Exactly Do I Need To Do To Win These Cool Prizes?

Once You’ve signed up you’ll get a chance to automatically join on Facebook & Twitter. Just authorize the contest app & begin spreading the word online with your very own contest link. You’ll earn points when you put your contest link ANYWHERE online & get people to click & visit!

We’ll automatically give you bonus points for a wide variety of actions! For example: when you post videos on YouTube with your contest link in the video description or you mention the contest on Twitter. You’ll earn points in MANY different ways. The complete list is below in Step 3.

Let’s keep this real SIMPLE.  Just follow the 3 steps below. After that, we’ll give you 15 options on how to earn MORE points.

Do them all or just do the ones you want – YOUR CHOICE!

The more you do, the more points you earn, the more likely you are to win your share of the $25,000 in prizes!


STEP 1 – Have You Signed Up Yet?

Just fill in your E-mail below if you have not already and you’re officially registered for the contest.

You’ll get a UNIQUE URL to use when you talk about HBRN’s Show Hosts, Trainings, or our Economic Freedom Contest. This link allows us to track people back to you.  Why?  Because you get points for spreading the news about HBRN all over the Internet!

GET YOUR LINKS NOW[contest_links contest=”economic_freedom_contest”]


STEP 2 – Start With Facebook and Twitter (Easy…)1100 Points in 5 seconds! 

Fill in the information below and you’ll IMMEDIATELY start getting points! We’ll simply make a Tweet on your behalf and post a message on your Facebook wall on your behalf – that’s it.

This is 100% SAFE and your privacy is protected. We do NOT store your access information, we just go in any post the following messages for you!

Example of Twitter Post Promoting Your Contest Link

Example of a Facebook post

How your contest posts looks on Facebook

That’s it – even if Step #2 is ALL you ever do, you automatically qualify for our Daily drawings, so the SOONER you do this, the MORE chances you have to win!

STEP 3 – Here Are 16 Things We’re Rewarding Points For… 

1 Facebook Page Like – 200 Points

Simple. Just LIKE our Facebook Fan Page. You’ll help our viral efforts and get great marketing tips, inspiration and advice on our Facebook Page – so it’s a win-win! Our Goal is to hit 10,000 fans quickly!

🙂 This is 200 Points for Clicking a Button!

2 Facebook Wall Comments (Link To Our Contest) – 300 Points Each

Our system will automatically track this. Just make a comment on your Facebook wall using your special link that links to our Economic Freedom Contest and grab your points!

EVERY time you do this – you get 300 points! – But hey, do it in moderation… don’t spam your own friends!

Leave a Comment On the HBRN Website Using Facebook Comments (Show Hosts pages, Blog pages, Etc.) – 300 Points

This is the EASIEST way to get some points and participate in our Community – And Our Show Hosts will LOVE to hear from YOU! Simply leave your comments using Facebook Comments on any of our site pages, and hey – if you tag the appropriate HBRN Show Hosts and they’ll be able to interact with you on Facebook!

Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel – 200 Points

Same as Facebook. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and we’ll be sharing great video training tips and industry news!

Leave a Comment On the HBRN Website (Show Hosts pages, Blog pages, Etc.) – 200 Points

Just like #3 above  but you use our web site comments system. It’s another great way to network and interact with our community. Simply leave your comments on the HBRN blog and web site pages and rack up points!

Our Pre-Done Tweet (Auto Tweet) – 500 Points

Under Step #2 Above, just fill in your information and allow us to AUTO-post a Tweet to your account. It’s 100% Safe and Private.

You’ll instantly get 500 Points! You’ll also instantly qualify for the Daily Drawings! The sooner you do this the more drawings you can participate in.

Our Pre-Done Facebook Message (Auto Facebook) – 600 Points

Also the same as Step #2 Above, just fill in your information and allow us to AUTO-post to your Facebook account. We are giving more points here because we’re finding that Facebook brings us more traffic than Twitter does!

Points for Re-Tweeting @HomeBusRadio Account Tweets – 200 Points Each

We’re going to be doing MULTIPLE Tweets everyday. Everytime we do we’ll let you know. Make sure to just Re-Tweet it. Simply enter RT@homebusradio and the message and then the system will automatically detect it and give you 200 points.

You’ll have a chance to earn 200 points a piece MULTIPLE times a day – plus we’ll email you a notice every time we tweet so you know when to go Re-Tweet!

Points for Tweeting a Tip – 500 Points Each

It’s YOUR TURN to SHARE WHAT’S WORKING NOW! Send out a Tweet with some marketing tip and make sure to use your CUSTOM link in the Tweet at the end of it – that’s it. The system will detect your tip and give you points for it!

Submit a Response YouTube Video to Videos on our YouTube Channel – 10,000 Points Each

This is the easiest way to accumulate 10,000 points! Plus the Show Hosts will be choosing our favorites to be featured on our web site and perhaps even audibly on the Radio!

3 Types of Videos – Your Videos Should Answer One of These Questions — BE CREATIVE!

What Does Economic Freedom Through a Home Business Look Like To You?

(Start out by saying, “My Name is______________ , I’m from ______________ . I’m a Home Business Entreprenuer and I listen to the Home Business Radio Network daily. What Does Economic Freedom Mean To ME? Economic Freedom means……. – your story!)

Where/When Do You Listen to the Home Business Radio Network?

(Start out by saying, “My Name is______________ , I’m from ______________ , and I’m a Home Business Entreprenuer and I listen to the Home Business Radio Network daily. Where do I listen to HBRN? When I exercise, when I’m driving, at my desk, at the ball park, out in the sun, in bed! Wherever I can take my phone — I can listen to my favorite shows and the great music on HBRN! I am amazed that it’s totally portable and because of the high quality of training from all of the show hosts, I believe HBRN is going to take the industry to a new level! Thank you Home Business Radio Network! — your story of course!)

Testimonial – What have You Learned from a Home Business Radio Network Show Host?

This is where you get to share your feedback on Our Show Hosts programs, and How You’re Benefitting from Listening to Home Business Radio Network. You can even do multiple audios with feedback for each of the Show Hosts, the Interviews, or the Executive Spotlight Interviews, etc. Just let us know who shared it and how the information shared has benefited and impacted your business!

For Example:

(Start out by saying, “My Name is______________ , I’m from ______________ , and I’m a Home Business Entreprenuer and I love listening to Julie Anne Jones on the Home Business Radio Network. I listen to the Direct Selling Diva Show daily and have picked up so many powerful tips for my business that I don’t know where to begin! One of the best things I learned from Julie Anne’s show is how to…… – your story!)


(Start out by saying, “My Name is______________ , I’m from ______________ , and I’m a Home Business Entreprenuer and our whole team listens to the Tracy Monteforte Show on the Home Business Radio Network. It has totally changed our confidence levels and made a huge impact on our phone skills. The results our team is seeing since tuning is beyond anything we’ve seen in over three years! Thank you Tracy… You’re Amazing!)


(Start out by saying, “My Name is______________ , I’m from ______________ , and I’m a Home Business Entreprenuer and I listen to the Home Business Radio Network. Economic Freedom to me means……. – your story!)

Call-In Testimonials or Feedback for Show Hosts – 5,000 Points Each

Call Us with Your Feedback and Earn 5000 Points

This is another great way to rack up points! Plus you’ll be building your brand and getting some industry recognition by sharing your stories – the Show Hosts will be choosing their favorites to be featured on our web site and perhaps even on the Radio!

Suggested Audios You Can Call-In and Record – 5 Minutes or Less for Radio Broadcast:

(Share your feedback on the Network, Our Show Hosts, and How You’ve Benefited from Listening to Home Business Radio Network. You can even do multiple audios with feedback for each of the Show Hosts that have shared information on the network that has benefited and impacted your business)!

Start out by saying, “My Name is______________ , I’m from ______________ , and I’m a Home Business Entreprenuer. I love listening to The Fearless Networker Show on Home Business Radio Network with Todd Falcone!


Start out by saying, “My Name is______________ , I’m from ______________ , and I’m a Home Business Entreprenuer. I’m working on my Economic Freedom Plan Everyday while Listening to the Home Business Radio Network! Recently I heard a tip from Tar’Lese Rideaux (Show Host) on the Social Network Marketer Show on how to… – mention a tip you heard on the network that how that tip has benefited your business.

For Best Chance of Being Featured on the Radio, Please Keep it Brief, Bottom-Line, and High Impact! 🙂

Our Testimonial Line – Limit 5 Minutes:
(512) 827-0044 ext 8934

We Cannot Wait To Hear From YOU!

Post Your Listening Photo/Graphic to Pinterest! – “Where Are You Listening To HBRN This Summer?” – 5000 Points Each

As you know, HBRN is available via your computer and MOBILE – 24/7. We WANT to SEE a Photo of YOU and Your MOBILE Device while you’re listening to HBRN… at your desk, hiking, sunbathing, driving, boating, Starbucks… WHERE ARE YOU LISTENING TO HBRN THIS SUMMER?

POST Your Image To: Pinterst and or our Facebook Fan Page and include YOUR CONTEST LINK and @homebusradio in the text of your Pin on order to get points! We will Repin YOUR Pinterest Pins on our Board!


Follow HBRN on Pinterest! – 500 Points

This one is sooooo easy! Just Follow @HomeBusRadio on Pinterest. Follow Me on Pinterest

***We must add these points manually so NOTIFY US with your Pinterest Username and Contest Username in order to get these points!***


RePin and Comment on HBRN Pins on Pinterest — with Your Contest Link! – 200 Points Each

We love to post motivational quotes, trainings, and other fun stuff on Pinterest. We also promote all of our Show Hosts there. If you have feedback or a testimonial for our Show Hosts, why not leave a comment for them on their HBRN Images on Pinterest? Make sure you tag them and us with #hbrn and #showhostname in your comments.

*** You must include your contest link in your comments or attached to the image you Repin in order to receive points!***

This is a NO-Brainer. Just follow @HomeBusRadio on Pinterest and Repin our Pins, Comment on Our Pins, with YOUR CONTEST LINK and please “Like” HBRN Pins while you’re at it!

Write a Guest Blog Post on Home Business Training for the HBRN Blog – 1,000 Points Each

Do you like to write and teach? Send us an ORIGINAL Training Article on any facet of Home Business Marketing and earn 1000 points for each one! As a Featured Guest Blogger, if we post your article on our blog you’ll get press and backlinks to your website.

Referring Someone to the Contest – 1,000 Points Each

Every time someone Clicks YOUR Link and then joins the contest eventually, you’ll get 1,000 free points – EACH!

As you HELP us spread the Message of Economic Freedom via a Home Business, you earn the chance to Win BIG!


Contest Rules:

We HATE Spam of all kinds. While we encourage you to spread the word far and wide we don’t want you to use Spammy tactics of any kind. Here are some of the actions will get you banned from the contest:

  • Posting to any social media site through a single account more than 20 times per day
  • Sending any kind of automated or junk traffic to your contest links
  • Commenting on our blog more than 10 times per day
  • Commenting on our YouTube videos more than 10 times per day
  • Sending bulk email to people you don’t personally know or you don’t have personal permission to email

We reserve the right to adjust this list, adjust your points or ban you from the contest for using spammy tactics to promote the contest.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Contest rules subject to change without notice. See complete contest rules for more information.


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