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  1. KimPinder

    This is an exciting contest and I am so thankful to be a part of it. http://?

  2. KimPinder

    Chelsey Marie’s show was great this morning. This was my first time listening to her and she is so honest and refreshing.

  3. KimPinder

    I am really enjoying this contest and working hard to stay at number 1.

  4. KimPinder

    I loved Niki’s show this morning and what she said about making the most of everyday.

  5. KimPinder

    Great show today Tar’lese. I found it very enjoyable.

  6. KimPinder

    Really enjoyed Ray`s show today on presenting. He is so right when he says that you don`t need to be perfect, you just have to do it.

  7. KimPinder

    Doug, you show was awesome today with Dana. I loved what she said about being so focused on the good things that the bad things didn’t bother her too much.

  8. KimPinder

    Tar’lese. what a great show today on making a videos a part of your business plan.

  9. KimPinder

    What a wonderful show this morning Tracy with Jordan Addler. I love listening to people whose business took time becuase it encourages me.

  10. KimPinder

    Great show today Ray. I loved what you said about looking up to the people who have more success than you.

  11. KimPinder

    Fantatsic show Tracy. What a great saying. Just keep it simple and then layer in other things.

  12. KimPinder

    A wonderful show today by the Networking Times. Stories of those who have succeeded are powerful and inspirational.

  13. KimPinder

    Listen to another new host today, Terry. I enjoyed your show and your straight forwardness.

  14. KimPinder

    Great show by Eldon Beard. I love the question, “Am I willing to pay the cost to have my dream?”

  15. KimPinder

    I am really enjoying this contest. It is challenging me to keep consistent and motivated. I am so happy to be in first place. Darren and Kaye also rock and are doing great.

  16. KimPinder

    Wonder show Todd Falcone. You are so right that we need to stay consistent.

  17. KimPinder

    Wonderful show by Ray Higdon on posturing. It’s good when you realize that you are doing the right thing without even knowing it.

  18. KimPinder

    Great show Troy on protecting yourself in your business from moral decay or the appearance of it. Thank you for covering things that others won’t.

  19. KimPinder

    What a great show with classic Zig Ziglar. I finally got to listen to him. He is one of my favourite teachers.

  20. KimPinder

    Tom Chenault and Jack Zufelt were wonderful in today’s show. It made me rethink some things and how I looked at my business.

  21. KimPinder

    Tracy’s show was great today. I loved how she said that we need to commit a period of time to our business and then do actions during that time.

  22. KimPinder

    Listened to a new host for me today, Shelley Wetzel and I was very impressed with how she presented her information. Way to Go Shelley!

  23. KimPinder

    Troy Dooly is so encouraging and inspiring. I love how he tell his own story and others.

  24. KimPinder

    Chris Dittemore is a great show host. loved what he said about asking the question,”Would you be interested in (the biggest benefit).”

  25. KimPinder

    Great show today with Tom and Lance. Really enjoyed listening to the both of them and their stories.

  26. KimPinder

    Todd had a great show this morning. Making sure that you don’t overpromise and underdeliver with your team is very important.

  27. KimPinder

    What a great to celebrate the Home Business Network. This contest rocks. Look at all they are giving away.

  28. KimPinder

    It is so wonderful to be able to start my week off right listening to Doug Firebaugh and get some training. Great show on closing your prospects.

  29. KimPinder

    I love listening to new hosts and Mondo Down Under is a great show. Really enjoyed their show on customers.

  30. KimPinder

    Got to listen to 3 shows today. Yeah!! A rare day for me. Took some extra time today. Zig Ziglar’s show was great. He was so right when he said that faith is important.

  31. KimPinder

    Tar’lese’s show are always filled with down to earth advice and real situations by real people. It’s great to able to experience her world.

  32. KimPinder

    I am so thankful that they replay shows more than once. What a great way to be able to get all the things that you missed the first time around. Like Doug’s show on closing your prospects.

  33. KimPinder

    Tonu Cannuli’s show was wonderful today with his guest Robin. With everything that he has been through it makes me realize how blessed I am and if he can do it so can I.

  34. KimPinder

    I love listening to people like Eldon Beard who give very practical, down to earth and easy to use ideas to help you build your business. Thank you for talking about SEO today.

  35. KimPinder

    Got to listen to Jackie Ulmer for the first time as a guest on the Networking Times Show, and it was great. I am now very excited to be able to listen to her show.

  36. KimPinder

    What a previledge it is to be able to listen to the HBRN and all of it’s hosts. Really enjoyed listening to Shelley Wetzel. What she said if everyone would get a hold of it would change the world.

  37. KimPinder

    Nikki Keohouhou is the best. I could listen to her over and over. loved her show on establishing rapport and that we need to understand them to serve them.

  38. KimPinder

    Shelley Wetzel is great for bringing it back to the basics. Her show on going for the gold in your business is a great example of how she can take concepts and make them easy to understand.

  39. KimPinder

    John Milton Fogg is a cool host with very interesting guest. Glad that I finally got to listen to him fo rthe first time.

  40. KimPinder

    Yeah, I am one more closer to reaching my goal of listening to all the show host this summer. I only hav ea few left. Today I listened to John Milton Fogg and his guest Holly. I loved hearing how other companies work.

  41. KimPinder

    Only a few more shows and I will rech my goal of listening to all the hosts this summer. Another one I got to listen to today was Melissa Haupt. Wonderful show on the 4 stages of Dream Manifestation.

  42. KimPinder

    What a great start t o my work week listening to Doug Firebaugh. It was wonderful to hear him responding to people’s questions.

  43. KimPinder

    Doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, if you need a pick me up then llisten to Todd Falcone. Great show today on approaching people.

  44. KimPinder

    Tar’lese is a great host. I love listening to her talk about her rel life experiences in this biz.

  45. KimPinder

    Troy’s show always leaves me thinking, and in this case about how I think about things. We must change our thinking if we want to succeed.

  46. KimPinder

    What a wonderful time I had today listening to Julie Anne Jones and her guest Lisa talk about time management. I had never thought of it as our values vs what is accomplished.

  47. KimPinder

    John Milton Fogg had a wonderful show with his guest Tar’Lese Ridout. I love how she genuinely cares about people.

  48. KimPinder

    I really liked the continuation of Tracy’s show on 3 way calling and what not to do.

  49. KimPinder

    I love how the Networking times tells stories of people who are successful, and Jospehine’s voice is wonderful to listen to. She tells stories well.

  50. KimPinder

    Chris Dittemore’s show today was wonderful. There was so much quality in the show I an even sure wha to share.

  51. KimPinder

    Chelsey is really awesome on teaching on branding. She really knows her stuff. You Rock Chelsey.

  52. KimPinder

    Eldon always does such informative shows. Today’s show on overcoming paralysis was wonderful as he gave many ways to do it.

  53. KimPinder

    Todd’s show are always packed with great info and excitement.

  54. KimPinder

    Ray Higdon Rocks. Great review show today. Loved what he said about managing the energy of the call.

  55. KimPinder

    I am so thankful for this contest and the HBRN. It has been an awesome adventure. Again all I can say is,”Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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