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MLM Direct Sales Training - 7 Ways to Increase Sales This Summer

Direct Sales Training – 7 Ways To Increase Your Sales In The Summer?


The most important thing is having an intentional plan and sticking to it.Summer is here. The weather is beautiful, life is brighter and everyone is enjoying it, but after a little bit you notice that your sales are starting to go down and that means less money coming in and you wonder how to get your sales back. Though people think that this is common for direct sales/mlm in the summer it doesn’t have to be. There are ways of maintaining or even increasing your sales. The most important thing is having an intentional plan and sticking to it. In the summer it is so easy to slack off and not do the things that you should. This is the time to be growing your sales, increasing interaction and getting your customers on new products that they can try now and buy for their friends and family later. Like at Christmas time.

So let’s look at the 7 ways to make your summer sales really rock.

Contact & Communication

By far increased contact and communication will bring about increase sales. Especially with people going on vacations you will need to be using all forms of communication to make sure that you are getting in front of them at the right time. The more contact the better.

You can use:

-the phone
-text messages
-social media

Recommendations & Samples

Your words are powerful and because your customers trust you they will try new items just because you say it is good.
People are so busy in the summer that they are not really thinking about trying new products, and this is where your recommendations and samples can encourage them to try something new. Your words are powerful and because your customers trust you they will try new items just because you say it is good. Samples are also great as well. Have a selection of samples and let your customers choose which one they like. Keep track of it and contact your customers later to find out if they liked it and offer your customers a special deal to buy the full size.

Do you have a lot of older but still good inventory sitting around?

Here’s something that I tried just recently that tripled my current sales. I went through my inventory and put together product packages and anyone who placed an order of any size by a certain date gets a package. Everyone went crazy placing orders. I especially got orders from customers who had not ordered in a while. Communication with your whole customer base is important to get the best response.

Customer Appreciation

Summer is a great time to thank your customers, well for just being great customers. If they support your business they deserve your thanks. It is also a great way of drawing attention back to your business. Send out an email or newsletter whose sole purpose is to say thank you. Offer your customers a free gift. It doesn’t have to be big, but make sure that there are no strings attached like they have to buy something.


There are so many types that you can do. Some of them include draws where you have a big basket and if your customer spends so much they get a ticket. Have a prize for each person that you your customer refers. Favourite product contests are really fun. Have your customers take a picture of them using your product and submit them. You choose the best ones and give prizes. Another is to have people like your Facebook page, and do a draw once you have a certain number of likes and there are many other ideas as well. Be creative.


Send your customers time dated coupons that they can use during the summer. Make sure that you communicate with them before each one ends, so they can take advantage of it if they forgot. They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Facebook Pages

Are you using your Facebook page to the best advantage? It can be one of your best communication tools, if you use it right. One of the things about Facebook pages is that you can use the other six ideas that I shared with you on it. At first you might not get a lot of interaction. It takes time for people to start seeing your posts and reacting to them. Also with the way that Facebook does things not everyone is going to see everything you post so consistency in posting is important.

All the ideas that I have shared with you today work, but if you don’t make a plan and carry it out you will hit the end of the summer and be scrambling to try to get momentum going again in the fall.

To Your Success,
Love Ya,
Kim Thompson-Pinder
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Kim has many years experience in the MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales business. Her specialties are building in a local market and educating/equipping business owners for success. Check out Kim’s Free 7 Day Email Course Exploding Your Business Online.



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    Don’t lose your momentum this summer. Keep it growing and watch out for fall and winter.

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