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MLM Training - Disappointment

Disappointment – How It Can Make Or Break Your Business


Disappointment. Hmm probably not the most exciting blog you will ever read, but it is an important one. How you deal with it can cause you to soar to the highest heights or to sink into oblivion, and the choice is completely yours.

I cannot place my results in the hands of other people. They have their own choices to make and my happiness can’t be based on their choices.
Every successful business person has had to deal with it at one point or another. I’ve had to deal with it and I almost lost my whole business because of it.

It was 3 years ago and my company was holding a big contest to win a trip and I was so excited. I had never won anything big in my life and I decided that I was going to go for it. I needed to recruit 10 people within a space of time and they needed to place a first order. So I put a plan together and got out there and I worked hard. By the end of the contest I had recruited 11 people. I was so proud of myself. I was going to win, and then the unthinkable happened. Two people didn’t place first orders. I was desperate. I approached the two people. One said the she decided that she didn’t want to do it anymore. That left one person, so I approached her and she said that she would get the order in before the deadline, and I was happy camper. All I could do was picture myself on that trip. So I waited, and guess what? Even though she said she was going to she didn’t place the order, and I was crushed. You see the reason why I didn’t win things is, I didn’t really believe deep down inside that I could. So I sabotaged myself by not really working on it, and then making excuses as to why it was not winnable, but this time had been different. In fact, I had never worked so hard on anything in my life. I kept on hoping that maybe the company would give it to me anyway, but they didn’t and now I had to deal with the biggest disappointment of my life.

Disappointments are not going to stop me from achieving what I want in life.
I wish that I could tell you that I had got over it quickly and that I soared to great heights. The truth is I didn’t. I still kept working my business, but my heart was not in it. For the next two months I thought everyday about quitting and I am so glad now that I didn’t. It took that long for me to resolve some deep down issues that I had never addressed before, some of which included my self worth and why was I doing this business in the first place, and want to know what decision I came to.

First, I was worthy. I am special, wonderful and love person, whether I ever won any contest or not. Secondly, I didn’t join the company I did to win prizes. I joined because I felt led to by the Lord, the company had awesome products and the earning opportunity was one where I felt that I could really make a difference in the lives of people financially. Coming to those decisions changed me and the course of my business forever. Now when contests happen I am free to win or lose without them affecting who I am or what I do. The funny things is, I win lots of contests now, big and small. I work hard now all the time, because it is the best way to build my business.

The other thing that I have learned is that I cannot place my results in the hands of other people. They have their own choices to make and my happiness can’t be based on their choices.

Does that mean that I don’t have ups and downs, or that disappointments don’t happen? Of course not. It just means that when they do, that I deal with them differently. They are not going to stop me from achieving what I want in life.
I hope that me sharing my story will help you the next time you have to deal with disappointment.

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder.

P.S. Why don’t you leave a comment on how you have dealt with disappointment so that we can others together.


Kim has many years experience in the MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales business. Her specialties are building in a local market and educating/equipping business owners for success. Check out Kim’s Free 7 Day Email Course Exploding Your Business Online.



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