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Hey Leaders!

We want to say we are so glad that you decided to drop in and check out the Home Business Radio Network. We are excited that you are here.

In a nutshell, history was made, January 30th 2012, at 3 pm EST, in the Home Business Profession. For the very first time in the HISTORY of Home Business, there now is a worldwide internet radio network that will feature 24/7 music, news, talk shows, interviews, specials, and with some of the biggest names in the world in Home Business as show hosts. They will be talking and teaching on their HBRN shows giving the secrets that have made them HUGELY successful.

There will also be many interviews of huge earners and stars in the profession as well as a Morning show featuring Diane Hochman, Leaders Luncheon show, and a Drive Time show.

Some of the interviews we have had on and already broadcast are Art Jonak, Randy Gage, Les Brown, Richard Brooke, Carrie Wilkerson, Deb Bixler, Chris Widener, Margie Aliprandi, Orrin Woodward, Bob Middleton, Jim Gillhouse, Dr. Tony Alessandra, John Haremza, Jimmy Smith, Sven Goebel, Sandy Botkin and many many more! Stay TUNED!

There is afternoon drive time show – with Home Based Business Radio Pioneer       Tom Chenault – to teach you, inspire you, and encourage during the drive home from work. There also is constant current industry news updates from HBRN News Director Troy Dooly, special “Spotlight” shows, motivating and inspiring nuggets, hit music from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, plus current hits of today, as well as an occasional classic rock tune for the boomers!

PLUS we have the “Million Dollar Moments” – 1 minute powerful and encouraging audio nuggets from the show hosts to INSPIRE YOU, as well as “Timeless Success Nuggets” -5 minute classic audio recordings from the early pioneers of Success and Motivation like   Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, W.Clement Stone, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Paul J. Meyer, Og Mandino, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnagie, Mary Kay Ash, and many more!

All this- on HBRN–24 hours a day, 7 days a week- AND YOU LISTEN FOR FREE!

And we are JUST GETTING STARTED.  We will be adding more of “the best of the best in home business” as HBRN show hosts, to add to the incredible Gold Mine of Success and Leadership secrets that will be uncovered daily on the HBRN shows.

You can download the mobile app from, and listen to the Home Business Radio Network on your laptop, iphone, droid phone, blackberry, Samsung, ipad, notepad, and just about any other mobile device out there with few exceptions. Truly, Home Business radio Network is your “Mobile Mentor” to teach you the secrets of Success.

There is also a social media HBRN Listening Widget that can be placed on blogs, websites, facebook, twitter, google plus LinkedIn, and just about any other social networking site out there. Truly you can listen to HBRN at your leisure and anywhere you are that has an internet or mobile smart phone connection.

And again, we are just getting started.

Our business model calls for additional broadcast media outlets later, including a show on Serius XM radio, and internet television network by fall 2013. We have already started the initial stages of development of that television broadcast platform. Our long term business plan includes every aspect of home business broadcast media and journalism.

We are honored that you have chosen to connect with Home Business Radio Network, a Division of Life Power Media. Help us get the word out worldwide—about this “Positive Powered Radio” network and it’s Value it brings to home business.

Thank you and God bless you.

Doug Firebaugh

President, Home Business Radio Network

Paul Saunders

CEO, Home Business Radio Network

  1. KimPinder

    I am so glad Doug that you decided to create the HBRN. I try to listen everyday. I keeps me going.

  2. KimPinder

    The Home Business Radio Network is the best. I wished that it had been around earlier.

  3. KimPinder

    The Home Business Radio Network has made a difference in my life especially when I get to listen to people like Tom Chenault and Jack Zufelt like I did this morning.

  4. KimPinder

    What a great line up of shows that theHBRN has including Shelley Wetzel which I got to listen to for the first time today. She is awesome.

  5. KimPinder

    Troy’s show touches my heart deeply. The stories and books that he shares are vital to what we need to succeed.

  6. KimPinder

    Just checked out Chris Dittemoreès show for the first time and it is great. I enjoy listening to him on Dougès monday night calls and now I get to listen to him here as well.

  7. KimPinder

    I want to let everyone know that the Home Business Radio Network is a fantastic source of training, support and encouragement for anyone who has their own business. Especially, when you get to listen to people like Tom Chenault.

  8. KimPinder

    Just listen to Eldon Beard and I have to say Doug that the more hosts that I get to listen to the more impressed I am. Each one is awesome and a great teacher.

  9. KimPinder

    Doug, I so appreciate your shows on the HBRN. I have been listening to you for years and it is a real pleassure to listen to your show.

  10. KimPinder

    Thank you Doug for putting Zig Ziglar on your radio station. It is such a joy to be able to listen to him.

  11. KimPinder

    Tar’lese is a great host. I loved what she said today about being in the present moment and focusing on the now.

  12. KimPinder

    What an excellent choice in hosts you made Doug in Tracy Monteforte. I have learned so much from her.

  13. KimPinder

    Thank you Doug for allowing replays of shows. I love being able to listen to a good message more than once, like your one on closing the prospect.

  14. KimPinder

    Everyday that I listen to the HBRN I get more greatful for all the wonderful hosts that they have and how they invest in our lives so that we can succeed.

  15. KimPinder

    I really enjoy listening to Tracy Monteforte and her shows on 3 way calling. What to do and what not to do.

  16. KimPinder

    It is so wonderful to such great shows like the Networking Times. Talk about Positive Powered Radio.

  17. KimPinder

    I am so thankful that Doug and Paul have picked such wonderful people to be show hosts including Eldon Beard. He has a wonderful way of teaching concepts and giving practical easy to under stand ideas.

  18. KimPinder

    Ray Higdon rocks on the HBRN. I love listening to his shows. He is so energetic.

  19. KimPinder

    Rachel has a wonderful way of explaining things in a informative yet fun way. Great show today on webinars.

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