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MLM Training – A Serious Syndrome Affecting The Lives of Home Based Business Women Everywhere. Are You At Risk?


Warning! What I am about to share with you could change your life forever. (If you let it.)

There is a debilitating syndrome that has been around for years that is affecting women in home based business now more than ever. You don’t even know that you have it, until one day you wake up and you can’t function anymore. The symptons include: not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, an inability to make decisions so you say ”yes” to everything, irritableness and feeling overwhelmed to the point that if someone asks you to do one more thing you are going to scream.

What is the name of this horrible condition that affects so many of us. It’s called Super Woman Symdrome or as I like to call it, ”My plate is piled way to high.”

Picture a humongous burger as your life right now. Each thing on this burger is one more thing in your life that you have to keep precariously balanced so that the whole thing does not come crashing down on you. How can you even enjoy any of it? There is just so much.

What type of things do you have piled on your plate:


MOM (that includes, chauffeur, chief cook and bottle washer, nurse, referee, volunteering at numerous school and group things, launderer, accountant, and the list goes on.)

BUSINESS OWNER (manager, salesperson, delivery person, accountant, stock person, advertising agent, and so much more)

Most of us figure that if we just had more time in the day everything would be okay. Or if we just learn to manage our time better, it would work. Here’s my thought on the subject. Maybe you don’t need a time management course, but a priority course. We weren’t designed by our Creator to carry so-oo-oo much or to be everything to everyone. Your identity and self worth as a woman is not based on how many things you can juggle well. I really believe that we were each created for a great destiny and that we allow too many other things to take the time that is needed to accomplish our purpose. I am not saying to abandon your marriage or ignore your children. They are in fact the most precious and rewarding part of your life and your top priority, but if you are called to be a business person, then create a multi million $ business. If that means saying ”no” to the good things so that you can have the best things then do it and DON’T feel guilty about it.

What extra things are you doing that you know that you really don’t have time for, but try to fit them in because someone really needed your help? Like your friend calls and says, ”I just feel like going shopping today can you watch the kids for me?” Maybe you are involved in groups and everyone expects you to do everything because you are the best at it, while there are other people who are waiting to be recognized and could do just as great a job as you. They are afraid to speak up because you are already doing it and doing it so well. Are there things in your business that are repetitive and easy to do that you could bless someone else and pay them to do, that would free up more time for you to actually be making more money.

I know how hard it is to say ”no”. I spent so many years doing things that I really wasn’t called to do because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or let them down. I also thought that they would think less of me. You know what I found out. It was all a lie. I actually have more respect from people, because I know who I am and where I am headed.

So let’s kick Super Woman Syndrome to the curb and become the women of destiny we all are, who accomplish great things.

To Your Success,



Kim has many years experience in the MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales business. Her specialties are building in a local market and educating/equipping business owners for success. Check out Kim’s Free 7 Day Email Course Exploding Your Business Online.



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