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What Is Your Mlm Time Worth

MLM Training- What IF….What Your Time is REALLY Worth in MLM


Here is a post that will open your eyes to what your time is REALLY worth in Network Marketing by Richard Brooke, President an CEO of 2 MLM companies and a regular guest here on HBRN.


What if building your network marketing empire was actually fun and easy?

What if we changed the way you got paid?

And you got paid $200 for everyone you enrolled?

Or $50 for every presentation you made?

Or $5 for everyone you invited just to take a look?

You might see an hourly wage opportunity … invite four people an hour and earn $20 an hour.

Or piecemeal … $50 for every presentation

Or more of a commission opportunity where you would earn $200 for everyone you enrolled.

Which would appeal to you?

If your company paid you $20 an hour to invite and only to invite, could you make it fun? Could you invite a lot of people?

What if you were paid $50 for every presentation you did? Could you make that fun?

What if they paid you $200 for everyone you enrolled as a builder? How many could you enroll? How many would you?

Or maybe you have an investor’s mentality, and you think about doing something once and earning income on it forever.

So how many people would you enroll if you earned $100 a month on each person forever? Think about it. You enroll one person, and you earn $100 a month on them forever.

That makes each of them worth an income producing asset of over $25,000. That’s how much cash you would need to invest with 5% annual interest to earn $1,200 a year. That’s how much real estate equity you would need to earn $1,200 a year in rent.

Now consider the question again: how many people could you enroll as business builders if each added $25,000 to your net worth?

We make this profession hard because of how we think about it. And because we make it hard, it becomes hard and we don’t do much to make the opportunity work.Hard becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But if we understood the economics and the math so well that we actually understood how fun and easy network marketing can be, how much more would we make of the opportunity?

If you invite two people a day to “just take a look,” that’s more than 500 people a year. Now 500 sounds hard, but only two a day—not so hard.

But still it conjures up the question … “Who am I suppose to talk to?”

And that’s a question that comes from thinking the opportunity is hard.

If I paid you $100 for everyone you invited, who would you talk to? You would talk to anyone and everyone!

Every profession has its batting averages. In baseball, we know that the average professional baseball player gets a hit every fourth or fifth time at the plate. The average MLB player earns $2,000,000 a year on those averages.

Network marketing professionals have been doing this for 50-plus years, and with over 475,000 people a week enrolling in a network marketing company somewhere in the world, we’ve got proven averages, too.

If you will allow your mind to wander with me and believe in the “inevitabilities,” I will show you how …

  • Everyone you invite can be worth $5.
  • Everyone you give a presentation to can be worth $25.
  • Everyone you enroll can be worth $100 now and $100 a month for the rest of your career.
  • And how each person you enroll can add $25,000 to your net worth.

These are the batting averages of the Network Marketing profession:

  • Invite 5 and you’ll get the chance to present to 1
  • Present to 3, and you’ll enroll 1 as a business builder
  • (If you use “leapfrogging” as part of your presentation technique, you can enroll 50-75% vs. 33%!)

So invite 15 to enroll 1.

Here’s what a typical month would look like using these averages:

  • Invite 52 people—less than 2 per day.
  • Give 10 presentations.
  • Enroll 4 business builders.

After 12 months, you’d have 48 business builders in your group.NOTE: Pace of play makes all the difference in the world. If you enroll 48 business builders over a two-year period, you wouldn’t get 50% of the results but more like 10% of the results. The people you recruit will build like you do, and if you move slowly, so will they! Doing all this in a year creates a fire in your business.

I have been a full time Network Marketing professional since 1977. I know very few people who have ever sponsored 100 people in their entire career. Many people I know who earn $50,000 or more a month sponsored 100-200 people, max.

Now 48 people is a lot in one year, but when you make it fun and easy … it really is fun and easy. And most importantly, it will create an organization that explodes. If you recruit 48 business builders in a year, you’re probably going to end up with 12 hard-charging leaders following the same plan you did. Out of the 12 hard-charging leaders, you will have four who do as much or more than you did … meaning they will be on a pace to sponsor 48 themselves.

Why? How do I know this?

Because you led. Not with words and directions but with massive action, and you made it look easy and you had fun. People follow easy and fun. People follow the money trail. They don’t want hard. Because you built a business that was on fire, they came to add wood to the pile.

Each of your four superstars will accomplish something similar to you, so by the end of their first year (the end of your second year) they will each have an on-fire business of their own. They will each have 3, 4, 5 or more superstars. At this point, you will be empire building, and you probably could not stop the growth if you wanted to.

We could say everyone else quits. But the hard-chargers will charge on and duplicate themselves. So let’s say the hard-chargers keep doing what they’re doing. How many people will you have in your group after just three years?


  • You
  • The 12 you recruited
  • The 144 they recruited
  • And the 1728 they recruited!


If each hard-charger uses and sells just $200 a month, your business is producing $376,800 a month in sales. If you earned an average of 7% on each sale you would be earning $26,376 a month.

You can start to see how easy it is.

  • Each of the 48 you enrolled: $549 each … every month
  • And the 144 presentations you gave: $183 each … every month
  • And the 500 people you invited to “just take a look”? $52.75 each … every month.

Now I know what you are thinking, Mr. or Ms. Make-it-hard. You’re thinking that you don’t have a prayer of earning $26,000 a month.

And you are right. That is a very long shot. The odds are against you.

But do you know what the aerodynamic odds are of a bumble bee flying given its weight and wing span? Zero. It is actually impossible. Good thing for them they don’t read.

You might ask what the average person earns. The answer is nothing. Average people make it hard and don’t ever get out of the batter’s box.

So let’s say you earn just 10% as much as the example above.

  • What if everyone you invited was worth $5 … but $5 a month forever?
  • What if everyone you presented to was worth $20 … but $20 a month forever?
  • What if everyone you enrolled as a business builder was worth $55 a month forever?

When you give each activity the right price tag—a reward high enough to make it easy and fun and worth it—then easy and fun and worth it become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

– Richard

doug firebaugh

Doug is an author, speaker and entrepreneur with over 25 years in the home business industry. He communicates with impact and is well known as a catalyst for breakthrough in business, mindset, leadership and success. He has a wide variety of training resources including social media, mobile media and traditional home business building specifically equipping people for prospecting, recruiting, and personal & organizational development.

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