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Motivation For Success


Are you moving closer to your goals or are you moving further away from them? Achieving Greatness happens when you’re willing to do something that will kill you just to make you better… It’s easier to buy the ticket to see the game then to be the one to prepare for it… It’s easier to hang out with your friends… It’s easier to sit on the couch… No one ever said Success was going to be easy… It’s alot easier to look back on your life and know you gave it your all then it is to live with regrets. Not living up to your potential… well that weighs on your shoulders for a lifetime. It’s all in how bad you want it… How BIG is your appetite for Success?

doug firebaugh

Doug is an author, speaker and entrepreneur with over 25 years in the home business industry. He communicates with impact and is well known as a catalyst for breakthrough in business, mindset, leadership and success. He has a wide variety of training resources including social media, mobile media and traditional home business building specifically equipping people for prospecting, recruiting, and personal & organizational development.

doug firebaugh


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doug firebaugh

doug firebaugh
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  1. KimPinder

    What a great way to show people about success. I love videos.

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Knowledge is what you know. Wisdom is knowing what to do with what you know. ~Doug Firebaugh

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