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Practical Pinterest Suggestions For Your Business


Hopefully, by now you have heard of Pinterest, the biggest social media craze around. What is so awesome about this site is that it is all pictures, a scrapbook for anything and everything.

Some of the stats coming out are amazing! Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than any other with the exception of Facebook. Also 20% of pinners purchase from pictures seen on Pinterest. So what does that mean for you business?


Bit like everything else in your business you need to plan and be consistent in what you do. You are building a presence that gives value to the people who are on Pinterest. When you value them, they will trust and buy from you.

And how do you do that?

By posting a combination of things on Pinterest. You can post your products, but most of your post should be informative and catchy. You can also add value by giving information that your potential customers can use.
Eg: You post a beautiful picture of the sun. The description could read 5 Benefits of Sunscreen in Skincare.
You can write your own article and post it to your website or send them to a good article that you have read.

Oh, by the way, if you don’t know this yet, you can put a link on every picture so when the person clicks on it they are directed to the website of your choice.

Cool huh!

Do you blog? What a great way to let people know who you are. Just add a picture to your post and put it on Pinterest with the title of your post. This will help position you as an authority on your subject.

Do you give things away for free?

Do you have customer testimonials?

Do you have product information sheets?

Do you have coupons?

The list goes on and on with all the creative ways you can use Pinterest.

Is your business local?

Did you know that you can search local people and follow them? The thing is Pinterest lets them know that you are following them and gives them an opportunity to follow you back. Guess what? Many of them do.

Do You Recruit?

What a great way to let people know about your business and your opportunity.

Not on Pinterest yet? Want to be on Pinterest?

It is by invitation only, so go to the Pinterest home page and request an invite. I hope that these ideas inspire you to think out of the box and try something new.

Can I give you a warning? Don’t just post something once or twice and then give up because you don’t get any results. It does take some time and effort on you part.

To Your Success,
Love You,
Kim Thompson-Pinder


Kim has many years experience in the MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales business. Her specialties are building in a local market and educating/equipping business owners for success. Check out Kim’s Free 7 Day Email Course Exploding Your Business Online.



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