Kimberly Rhodes

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Mastering the Art of Marketing

Kim is a powerful marketer in every aspect. She owns an offline marketing consulting company for small businesses and teaches them how to market more powerfully their brand. She has been in direct sales and traditional marketing as well. She has built one of the most powerful marketing consulting companies on the west coast, and her marketing secrets have helped hundreds of companies explode their presence online and offline. She teaches and trains on marketing- pure marketing- for  businesses that want more power in the marketplace. She will be teaching you many different aspects of marketing – offline and online. Her consulting tips and teachings will help accelerate your ability to combine offline and online marketing for powerful success in your home business. She also has been a radio personality and has had a successful radio show that was very popular.

Kim Rhodes

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Knowledge is what you know. Wisdom is knowing what to do with what you know. ~Doug Firebaugh

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