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Melissa Haupt is from Brisbane, Australia and also resides as well in Scottsdale, Arizona for the last 3 years. Melissa is committed to seeing women live a purpose filled life. She is an author, trainer, speaker, coach and owner of  an empowerment company for women that supports them in owning their greatness and gaining clarity of their purpose.  Melissa brings a background in leadership mentorship and a deep understanding of what stops women from living the life of significance they truly desire. Her show will not only inspire you to make a difference with your business, it will also give you the practical steps to empower you to go out and make that difference. “We were all born to leave a footprint that impacts the world with lasting change for human kind. What does your footprint look like?” If you are up for playing a big game in life, then tune in and allow Melissa to support you.

Melissa Haupt

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  1. KimPinder

    I really enjoyed getting to listen to Melissa for the first time today. Wonderful show on the 4 Stages of Dream Manifestation.

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