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Chris and Josephine Gross  are the publishers and owners of the NetworkingTimes magazine, known as the “Harvard Business Review” of the home business/network marketing profession. They have readers worldwide of their publication and Chris and Josephine have become 2 of the most recognized names in the network marketing profession. They operate multiple companies related to the home business profession and travel all over the world working with clients, speaking, consulting, and helping the home business profession as well as working for their charitable foundation. Their magazine can be found in just about every major bookstore in the US. Their show will feature not only interviews with many of the super stars they have featured in their NetworkingTimes magazine, but also tips, secrets, little known and nuggets on success in home business and network marketing.

Networking Times

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  1. KimPinder

    I really enjoyed your show this morning Josephine. I hope that I get a chance to listen to the rest of Jean-Pierre and Rochine’s story. http://?

  2. KimPinder

    Really enjoyed your show today. I love hearing about people who have suceeded. It encourages me to keep going.

  3. KimPinder

    What a great show today with Jeff Liberman. I really enjoyed listening to how he works with his team and it gave me some ideas as well.

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