Nicki & Grace Keohohou

Nicki & Grace Keohohou - Talk Radio Show Hosts of The DSWA Live Show on Home Business Radio Network


Direct Selling Women’s Alliance

Nicki and Grace are the founders of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance, which has over 100,000 members, and through their association they travel the world training and equipping women in direct sales. Nicki has been in the Direct Selling profession for 3 decades, and has one of the most powerful as well as experienced voices in the direct sales profession. She has been in the field, worked in corporate and has been also a successful speaker and trainer which makes her one of the most knowledge rich women in the home business profession. With her daughter Grace, also a powerful and successful woman and voices today in the direct sales field, together will do a weekly show focused on all aspects of direct sales.


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  1. KimPinder

    Nikki is an awesome host and a great person. I have seen her live and now it is a great pleasure to her her o the HBRN. It always feels like she is talking right to you not at you.

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