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Troy is one of the most recognized names and faces in network marketing. He has been working in network marketing for a decade, as well as at the MLM Help Desk for over 5 years, and has uncovered many things in the home business profession that truly needed to be exposed. He is a trainer, speaker, and a powerful new media journalist that specializes in what is happening in the home business industry. No one has their pulse on the industry quite like Troy. He has interviewed many company owners and top earners, and has been the first many times in breaking news in the home business profession. Troy will be the news director for “The HBRN News Desk” featuring news clips throughout the day that will update the industry on what is happening in the home business world, and also has “The Beachside CEO” show sharing business wisdom and inspiration for success.

Troy Dooly

Success Gem – Being Super Social



There is a reason why Social Media has the word SOCIAL as the first word.

It is ALL ABOUT being SOCIAL and connecting with people, as well as constructing NEW relationships.

Here are 3 things you need to do to be SUPER SOCIAL:

1. Encourage every chance you get.

2. Elevate the person by reposting or retweeting something they did

3. Educate people constantly to better their life.

With your business skills and the benefits of your products. DO NOT SELL. Just educate how much better a person’s life could be with working with YOU.

If you become more Social in social networking, then you will find people being PULLED towards you effortlessly.

Encourage, Elevate, and Educate.

THAT is what building a business using social media is all about.


HBRN News Desk Episode 2


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  1. KimPinder

    Troy. Thank you for your integrity and the way that you share what you have learned. I am always encouraged when I listen to you.

  2. KimPinder

    I loved what you shared today about we being the change to other people and that love is the way to go.

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