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MLM Training - Disappointment

Disappointment – How It Can Make Or Break Your Business


Disappointment. Hmm probably not the most exciting blog you will ever read, but it is an important one. How you deal with it can cause you to soar to the highest heights or to sink into oblivion, and the choice is completely yours. Every successful business person has had to deal with it at one point or another. I’ve had …

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follow up

Fortune Is In The Follow Up


Fortune Is In The Follow-Up Today’s word is follow-up. This process or step can lead to massive success or massive failure. What do you mean failure? This step in a communication process is where you want the person to just make a decision. In my opinion, if you have someone that is himmin’ and hawin’ or acting like a wet …

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MLM Direct Sales Training - 7 Ways to Increase Sales This Summer

Direct Sales Training – 7 Ways To Increase Your Sales In The Summer?


Summer is here. The weather is beautiful, life is brighter and everyone is enjoying it, but after a little bit you notice that your sales are starting to go down and that means less money coming in and you wonder how to get your sales back. Though people think that this is common for direct sales/mlm in the summer it …

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What Is Your Mlm Time Worth

MLM Training- What IF….What Your Time is REALLY Worth in MLM


Here is a post that will open your eyes to what your time is REALLY worth in Network Marketing by Richard Brooke, President an CEO of 2 MLM companies and a regular guest here on HBRN. WHAT IF? What if building your network marketing empire was actually fun and easy? What if we changed the way you got paid? And …

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Knowledge is what you know. Wisdom is knowing what to do with what you know. ~Doug Firebaugh

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