Unleash the Unlimited with Positive Powered Radio!

Free Audio

FREE Audio Conferencing

  • 100 conference lines to use 24/7
  • 24/7 Replay line: Replay multiple calls at one time using the recording access codes you assign before each recording
  • Record unlimited conferences
  • Downloadable recordings: Accessible online
  • Moderator Dashboard: Track your participants in real time (aka live conference viewer)
  • Call detail reports: After each call you are emailed with conference details and a savable excel file
  • Instant activation and much more!
Web Conferencing

Webinars (WebExpress):

  • The best and most cost effective webinar service in the country with features that our competition doesn’t or refuses to include.
  • Start hosting interactive audio AND visual online meetings.
  • A few of the benefits include:
  • No Downloads: Attendees never download software to participate in a WebExpress meeting. One-time presenter download takes seconds
  • Private Online Library: WebExpress allows you to store all your power point presentations, video clips, sound files and images in your back office
  • Permanent Invite Information: Your meeting room and dial-in numbers never change unless requested by you
  • Real-Time Information Distribution: Send important information and files as an attached file quickly and conveniently using our IM Chat feature
  • Instant Polling: Now you can poll your audience in real time and post instant results
  • Synced Recordings: Record audio and webinar in complete synchronization and easily rebroadcast it
  • Video: Software supports video files before and during your meeting
  • IM: Chat between all participants. Post documents in chat for participant download Public or private meeting rooms
  • Customize: Create your own look per presenter
  • Webinar Summaries: Emails sent after each meeting
  • Share: Your screen, whiteboard, presentations, pictures, & audio files
  • Webcams: Live video conferencing included. 2 webcams available immediately
  • VoIP: Participants can hear the webinar right through their speakers. No need to dial in
Toll Free

Gold Mail


Mobile Business Card: Exactly how it sounds!

  • Create a unique keyword on our short code 59769
  • Enter your business contact information
  • Have prospects, friends and clients text your “keyword” to the short code 59769
  • A bounce back auto responder will then deliver your business card back to their phone via SMS.
  • They will also be OPTED IN to your database for future text message marketing and direct contact
Toll Free

Toll Free Virtual Office

  • Simple to Use: Accessible via phone and Internet
  • Communicate: Receive new information from corporate to keep you up to date with the latest changes and the newest products. Send the same message to a person in Paris, Texas, or Paris, France and they will receive the message simultaneously
  • Motivate: Send out testimonials and inspirational voice messages
  • Train: Create mentor messages to educate your distributors about how to succeed in your business
  • Sell More Products: Advertise your number on flyers, business cards, websites and much more
  • Cost Effective: This is a service you just can’t afford to be without

IntellaTalk Click to Call

How it Works…

  • Potential clients click your IntellaTalk button
  • They enter their name, email address & phone number
  • We make two phone calls on your behalf.
  • IntellaTalk calls the button owner and notifies them of an incoming call
  • Then IntellaTalk makes a second call to the potential customer
  • Within seconds both parties are instantly connected
  • That’s it, simple and easy to use!

IntellaTalk Benefits…

  • Sales representatives can talk instantly to prospective clients
  • Don’t ever miss a call! Our Missed Call Log lets you follow-up on hot leads
  • Reduce website abandonment by giving the visitor instant access to you and your business
  • Call to Action button creates immediate sales and information distribution
  • Increase online revenues
  • Improve customer satisfaction with instant gratification
  • Button can be displayed anywhere on the Internet
    • WebPages
    • Promotional emails
    • Personal email

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